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What is a Balloom?

A Balloom (pronounced buh – loom) is a 7-ft balloon structure that blooms from your front yard to honor a special occasion or event like a birthday, graduation or corporate party. Our most popular balloom creations are numbers, letters, and symbols. We handle the delivery, setup and take down of the balloons.

How big are Ballooms™?


Ballooms™ are approximately 7 feet tall.

How many colors can I choose?

We offer an array of multiple colors for you to choose from. You can choose to have one color or multiple colors. We offer many upgraded balloons such as chrome, marble, LED, etc.

How long will Ballooms™ stay in my yard?

We leave Ballooms™ in your yard for 2 nights and will come back to remove it.

*Summer orders will stay in your yard for 1 night unless prearranged. Please read our refund policy to ensure you understand that we are not guaranteeing the balloon will stay inflated for the allotted time it is installed at your property.


Does weather affect the balloons?

Yes, any external elements can affect your Balloom. Our balloons are made out of latex, so they may eventually pop, sag, and wither. For maximum balloon life, our Ballooms™ should avoid direct sun, sprinklers, sharp objects, and even excited kids’ fingers. We are unable to offer refunds or discounts.

Do you offer refunds or discounts if Balloom pops or withers?

The answer is unfortunately no. We cannot guarantee your Ballooms will last at all once we install them on your property. Your neighbor’s dog could bite it, it could be shot with a Nerf gun, your lawn crew could snip it, your sprinklers could spray it, the hot sun could cook it, a gusty breeze could make it lean, or Mother Nature may just throw something else its way. Latex is very sensitive to extreme heat and cold – this means the life span of your balloon could be effected by the temperature outside. If we pop your balloon, we will replace it. If you, someone else, mother nature or some other creature pops, loses, steals, destroys, damages, pokes, or bites it, Ballooms™ is not held responsible.

To be safe and smart, please be clear on your party/event time. We are experienced in delivering at the optimal time for your party enjoyment. We also suggest choosing lighter shades of color for your designs and installation in a shady spot for optimal balloon life.  


Do you deliver on holidays?

We are closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day, but please call or email to inquire about other holidays.

Can you deliver outside normal delivery hours & can I request a certain delivery time within your standard hours?

Yes, we can deliver outside our scheduled delivery time for an additional fee. Delivery hours are only an estimate of what time we will be there to install your Balloom. If you need a guaranteed install time we will charge you an additional fee.  Having an event or party? No problem. Just let us know the start time and we will arrange install accordingly.

Can I request a special design?

We welcome your creativity and can custom create most symbols, Greek letters, and organic decor. We also offer many fun upgrade options, including LED balloons, dot balloons, animal print balloons, and much more! You can view all of our upgrade options here. A custom order fee may apply.


Is delivery, install and pick up included in price?

Delivery is included in certain areas, if you are outside the included area there is a delivery fee. Please see our pricing and delivery maps for Austin, Houston, and San Antonio for balloon delivery fees in your area.
Additional fees will apply for oversized orders and all orders that will be installed at a venue other than a private residence.

Can I send a Balloom as a gift and is it possible to include a special note or card?

Yes, you can send a Balloom as a gift. Just be sure to provide us with the recipient’s address when you are filling out the order form. If you send a Balloom as a gift, you are assuming all the responsibility detailed in our invoice language on behalf of the recipient. Be sure to let them know we return to pick up the frames.If you would like to include a special note, please let us know!

Do I have to be home when you deliver the Balloom?

No, you do not need to be home for the install. If you have special directions as to where you want the Balloom placed, please inform us prior to delivery date. Once Balloom is installed we will not return to move it to a different location.


Where can Ballooms™ be installed?

Traditional Ballooms go outside in the ground only! Ballooms™ are designed to “Bloom” from the ground. Ballooms™ are staked in the ground and can go in lawns, dirt, or sand.

*Stands are available for rental fee if you do not have grass or want Balloom inside. Please inquire if you have a special circumstance and we will give you a quote.

Do you design and install other balloon decorations?


Yes! Our balloon stylists can work with you to create unique custom balloon decor for any of your events. We have extensive experience installing balloon garlands, photo backdrops, trellis, archways and more.  Our stylists are always on top of current event decor trends and will be sure to elevate any celebrations with balloons.  We can install our creations inside or outside your home, business or event space.  Contact us directly to start working with your balloon stylists today.  

Do you offer promotions or specials?

Yes, we do! Become a Ballooms Insider and never miss one of our great promotions! Subscribe to our mailing list here.

What payment types do you accept?

Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Apple Pay & business checks

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