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Ballooms are designed to last in your yard for 1-2 nights, depending on the season. Want to help your custom balloon creation last longer? You gotta give your Balloom some TLC! Follow these tips to maximize the fun.

Ballooms are made from latex balloons. Let us tell you a little something about latex. It is very sensitive! When exposed to extreme heat or cold, it can pop, sag, and whither. And as we all know, the weather can be extreme here in Texas!

Weather isn't the only obstacle your Balloom may face. From your neighbor's crazy dog to a rogue Nerf gun, all sorts of things could pop your balloon. 

How long do our balloon sculptures last? Your Balloom is designed to last in your yard for 1 night in the summer, and up to 2 nights during the winter. If you're looking to give your Balloom a little extra life, read on. We share our best tips from years of creating, constructing, and installing these balloon wonders!

Tip #1: Keep It Cool

Like we said, latex doesn't do well with extreme temperature fluctuations. It heats up and expands when it's exposed to sunlight, which can lead to popping. When the air cools back down, your balloons may shrink and sag. Either way, you may end up with some broken balloons. 

If possible, keep your Balloom in a cool, shady place. This will help the colors pop, instead of the balloons! 

rainbow color yard balloon heart sculpture

Choose a shady spot for your Balloom to help it last longer.

Tip #2: Choose Light Colors

You know how you wear light colors in the summer to stay cool? Follow the same advice for your balloon. Lighter colors absorb less heat, which allows your balloons to stay intact.

Choose lighter shades in your Balloom design for optimal balloon life.

Tip #3: Tell Fido to Leave It Alone

We all love our furry friends. Balloons, not so much. Pets can bite, scratch, or run into your Balloom.


Keep your pets away from your Balloom sculpture to avoid any injuries  to the balloons or your pet! A popping balloon can startle your pet, and it can be dangerous for them to swallow.

Tip #4: Don't Poke, Prod, or Push Your Balloon

We know, it's so hard not to touch! But treat your Balloom with kid gloves — seriously! 

Make sure friends, family, guests, and other party-goers know not to touch your Balloom. People may spill their drink on it, their jewelry can get snagged on it, or they may even and trip and fall into it themselves! We've seen it all.


The goal is to pose with your Balloom — not poke it! When taking pictures, stand to the side or in front of your Balloom, with at least a foot of wiggle room. (Psst... check out our guide for snapping Instagram-worthy photos with your Balloom!)

green and white balloon garland over door

Keeping balloons away from the sun can help increase their lifespan.

Tip #5: Prepare for Other Hazards

Make sure the space around your Balloom is free and clear of anything that could hurt it. We recommend:

  • Turning off your sprinklers, if your Balloom will be in your yard.

  • Removing any sharp objects or fans from the installation area.

  • Telling your gardeners to take the day off. 

How to Make Your Balloom Last Longer

To recap, here's your checklist for helping your Balloom last as long as possible:

  • Keep your Balloom installed in a cool, shady spot, away from the sun, wind, and water.

  • Choose lighter colors for your balloon design.

  • Keep pets away from your Balloom.

  • Avoid touching your Balloom.

  • Remove sharp objects, fans, and sprinklers from the installation area.

  • And of course, take lots of pictures! The memories will last a lifetime, even if your Balloom doesn't :)

red yard balloon number for birthday

Keep your Balloom away from heat and direct sunlight for optimal balloon life.

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