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Order Your Balloom - HOUSTON

We look forward to bringing a Balloom to your yard!

Please fill out the following form to place an order. If you would like a quote or have questions before you order please feel free to email us at

Be sure to read our FAQ section prior to submitting your order form.

Order Your Balloom - Houston
Delivery Type

(we suggest a shady spot in your yard when there's Texas heat)**

Please Note: We are experienced at delivering at the optimal time before your event. We cannot guarantee delivery times, as there are many factors involved with delivering our precious cargo. Additional fees may apply if you would like an after hours delivery or requesting a specific time.

**Summer Delivery Schedule (valid from June 15 – September 15): To ensure your Balloom looks its best during extreme Texas temperatures, we leave Ballooms up for 1 night during our summer schedule. Please give us the exact date/time of your event so we can deliver your Balloom at the optimal time. If you would like to keep your Balloom up for 2 nights, please contact your local Balloom team to make arrangements.


Our newest add on!

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