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Balloom Upgrades

Go for WOW with any of our fun upgrade options, all available in a variety of colors.


Sports Balloons


Flower Balloons


LED Balloons

...and much more!

Balloom Upgrade Options:

  • Flower Balloons: $15 per digit

  • Honk Yard Sign: $10 (we return to pick these up)

  • Sports Balloons: $15 per digit

  • Dot Balloons: $15 per digit

  • Animal Print Balloons: $15 per digit

  • Marbled Balloons: $15 per digit

  • LED Flowers: $35 per digit

  • LED Balloons: $50 per digit to partially light up your balloon, $100 per digit for a full light spectacular

* What is a digit? A digit is each number, letter, or shape in your Balloom sculpture. For example: if you are celebrating a 13th birthday, you would have two digits – a 1 and a 3.


Rent our Honk sign for your next car parade!

Balloon Garlands, Trellis And More…

Big or small, inside or outside, our balloon trellises and garlands are a customer favorite! These beautiful multi-color balloon garlands really make a space POP with color!


Add a Upgrade to Your Order

To add these to your order, simply note which upgrades you’d like under the “Add on requests” section.
Click below to go straight to your city’s order form.

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